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Basic buffered stream that provides easy aligned reads.

class dissect.hypervisor.disk.vdi.VDI(fh, parent=None)#

Bases: dissect.util.stream.AlignedStream

Basic buffered stream that provides easy aligned reads.

Must be subclassed for various stream implementations. Subclasses can implement:
  • _read(offset, length)

  • _seek(pos, whence=io.SEEK_SET)

The offset and length for _read are guaranteed to be aligned. The only time that overriding _seek would make sense is if there’s no known size of your stream, but still want to provide SEEK_END functionality.

Most subclasses of AlignedStream take one or more file-like objects as source. Operations on these subclasses, like reading, will modify the source file-like object as a side effect.

  • size – The size of the stream. This is used in read and seek operations. None if unknown.

  • align – The alignment size. Read operations are aligned on this boundary. Also determines buffer size.