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The class that represents the target that you are talking to.

class dissect.target.Target(path: Union[str, pathlib.Path] = None)#

The class that represents the target that you are talking to.

Targets are the glue that connects the different Containers, Loaders, Volumes and Filesystems together. Loaders are used to map the Containers, Volumes and Filesystems of the target onto the Target object.

The plugins of dissect.target get mapped onto the Target too. They become available as attributes on a Target object. For example, t.hostname, t.evtx(). By executing the plugin function with a target, it will perform the function on itself.


path – The path of a target.

property name: str#

Return a name for this target.

The function is guaranteed to give back some name. The name will be guaranteed to not have slashes, backslashes and spaces. The name won’t be guaranteed to be unique.


The name of a target.

classmethod set_event_callback(*, event_type: Optional[Event] = None, event_callback: Callable) None#

Sets event_callbacks on a Target class.

event_callbacks get used to handle specific events denoted by Event. This records events related to the target, such as:

  • a plugin gets registered to the target

  • a plugin is incompatible with the target

  • a function succeededs in its execution

  • a function fails in execution

send_event(event_type: Event, **kwargs) None#

Notify event callbacks for the given event_type.

Each event can have multiple callback methods, it calls all the callbacks that fit the corresponding event type. None is a catch-all method for event callbacks that always get called.


event_type – The type of event

apply() None#

Resolve all disks, volumes and filesystems and load an operating system on the current Target.

classmethod open(path: Union[str, pathlib.Path]) Target#

Try to find a suitable loader for the given path and load a Target from it.


path – Path to load the Target from.


A Target with a linked Loader object.

classmethod open_raw(path: Union[str, pathlib.Path]) Target#

Open a Target with the given path using the RawLoader.


path – Path to load the Target from.

classmethod open_all(paths: list[Union[str, pathlib.Path]], include_children: bool = False) Iterator[Target]#

Yield targets from a list of paths.

If the path is a directory, iterate files one directory deep.


paths – A list of paths to load Targets from.


TargetError – Raised when not a single Target can be loaded.

open_child(child: Union[str, pathlib.Path]) Target#

Open a child target.


child – The location of a target within the current Target.


An opened Target object of the child target.

open_children(recursive: bool = False) Iterator[Target]#

Open all the child targets on a Target.

Will open all discovered child targets if the current Target has them, such as VMs on a hypervisor.


recursive – Whether to check the child Target for more Targets.


An interator of Targets.

list_children() Iterator[dissect.target.helpers.record.ChildTargetRecord]#

Lists all child targets that compatible ChildTargetPlugin classes can discover.

add_plugin(plugin_cls: Union[dissect.target.plugin.Plugin, type[dissect.target.plugin.Plugin]], check_compatible: bool = True) dissect.target.plugin.Plugin#

Add and register a plugin by class.

  • plugin_cls – The plugin to add and register, this can either be a class or instance. When this is a class, it will be instantiated.

  • check_compatible – A flag that determines if we check whether the plugin is compatible with the Target.


The plugin_cls instance.

  • UnsupportedPluginError – Raised when plugins were found, but they were incompatible

  • PluginError – Raised when any other exception occurs while trying to load the plugin.

get_function(function: str) FunctionTuple#

Attempt to get a given function.

If the function is not already registered, look for plugins that export the function and register them.


function – Function name to look for.


A tuple of the plugin and the corresponding function.

  • UnsupportedPluginError – Raised when plugins were found, but they were incompatible

  • PluginError – Raised when any other exception occurs while trying to load the plugin.

has_function(function: str) bool#

Return whether this Target supports a given function.


function – The function name to look for.


True if the function can be found, False otherwise.

__getattr__(attr: str) Union[dissect.target.plugin.Plugin, Any]#

Override of the default __getattr__ so plugins and functions can be called from a Target object.


Override the default __dir__ to provide autocomplete for things like IPython.


Return repr(self).