$ target-query <path/to/target> -f sockets.packet





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This plugin yields the packet sockets and available stats associated with them.

Yields PacketSocketRecord with the following fields:

hostname (string): The target hostname. domain (string): The target domain. protocol (int): The captured protocol i.e. 0003 is ETH_P_ALL protocol_type (str): The canonical name of the captured protocol. sk (string): The socket number. type (int): The integer type of the socket (packet). iface (int): The interface index of the socket. r (int): The number of bytes that have been received by the socket and are waiting to be processed. rmem (int): The size of the receive buffer for the socket. user (int): The user ID of the process that created the socket. inode (int): The inode associated to the socket. pid (int): The pid associated with this socket. name (string): The process name associated to this socket. cmdline (string): The command line used to start the socket with. owner (string): The resolved user ID of the socket.