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The Dissect module tying all other Dissect modules together. It provides a programming API and command line tools which allow easy access to various data sources inside disk images or file collections (a.k.a. targets).


dissect.target is available on PyPI.

$ pip install dissect.target

This module is also automatically installed if you install the dissect package.


This is the “main” package with all the tools as documented on this site. However, you can also interact with it using Python. For example, to print the hostname, version and all users records:

from dissect.target import Target

target = Target.open("/path/to/target")
print("Hostname:", target.hostname)
print("Version:", target.version)

for user in target.users():

The Target.open function works transparently on all targets for which a supported loader (see Loaders) exists.

For more advanced examples, please refer to Python API.


For more details, please refer to the API documentation of dissect.target.