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Expert Witness Disk Image Format

class dissect.target.containers.ewf.EwfContainer(fh: list | BinaryIO | pathlib.Path, *args, **kwargs)#

Bases: dissect.target.container.Container

Expert Witness Disk Image Format

static detect_fh(fh: BinaryIO, original: list | BinaryIO) bool#

Detect file header

static detect_path(path: pathlib.Path, original: list | BinaryIO) bool#

Detect path

read(length: int) bytes#

Read a length of bytes from this Container.

seek(offset: int, whence: int = io.SEEK_SET) int#

Change the stream position to offset.

whence determines where to seek from:

  • io.SEEK_SET (0):: absolute offset in the stream.

  • io.SEEK_CUR (1):: current position in the stream.

  • io.SEEK_END (2):: end of stream.

  • offset – The offset relative to the position indicated by whence.

  • whence – Where to start the seek from.

tell() int#

Returns the current seek position of the Container.

close() None#

Close the container.

Override this if you need to clean-up anything.