$ target-query <path/to/target> -f lnk





Module documentation

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Function documentation

Parse all .lnk files in /ProgramData, /Users, and /Windows or from a specified path in record format.

Yields a LnkRecord record with the following fields:

lnk_path (path): Path of the link (.lnk) file. lnk_name (string): Name of the link (.lnk) file. lnk_mtime (datetime): Modification time of the link (.lnk) file. lnk_atime (datetime): Access time of the link (.lnk) file. lnk_ctime (datetime): Creation time of the link (.lnk) file. lnk_relativepath (path): Relative path of target file to the link (.lnk) file. lnk_workdir (path): Path of the working directory the link (.lnk) file will execute from. lnk_iconlocation (path): Path of the display icon used for the link (.lnk) file. lnk_arguments (string): Command-line arguments passed to the target (linked) file. local_base_path (string): Absolute path of the target (linked) file. common_path_suffix (string): Suffix of the local_base_path. lnk_full_path (string): Full path of the linked file. Made from local_base_path and common_path_suffix. lnk_net_name (string): Specifies a server share path; for example, “\servershare”. lnk_device_name (string): Specifies a device; for example, the drive letter “D:” machine_id (string): The NetBIOS name of the machine where the linked file was last known to reside. target_mtime (datetime): Modification time of the target (linked) file. target_atime (datetime): Access time of the target (linked) file. target_ctime (datetime): Creation time of the target (linked) file.