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A Dissect module implementing a parser for the SquashFS file system, commonly used in appliance or device firmware.


dissect.squashfs is available on PyPI.

$ pip install dissect.squashfs

This module is also automatically installed if you install the dissect package.

This project has a dependency on python-lzo. It will be installed by default, except on PyPy installations on Windows since no binary wheels are provided for that combination. If python-lzo is not installed, it will fall back on a (slower) pure Python implementation provided by dissect.util. You can manually install python-lzo (given you have the proper dependencies and build environment for that) to use the faster C-based implementation.


This package is a library with no CLI tools, so you can only interact with it from Python. For example, to print a directory listing of the root directory and read a file:

from dissect.squashfs import SquashFS

fh = open_squashfs_volume_or_file()  # i.e. using dissect.volume or open(path, "rb")

fs = SquashFS(fh)

file_fh = fs.get("/file.txt").open()  # This is just another file-like object


For more details, please refer to the API documentation of dissect.squashfs.